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Photography as a Career

Photography as a Career

Everybody should pursue their personal calling and aptitude while selecting a career for them. A potential career is one that brings you money along with a feeling of accomplishment and peace of mind. The career must be in sequence with one’s passion and eager. It is only then, one can feel accomplished and satiated. In this modern age of ever developing technology, the arena of careers and professions has also got advanced and developed beside all other walks of life. Among several novel professions, the photography is one. Some decades back, people would reluctantly think of photography to be adopted as a profession. However, in the present time, the photography market has won the smash hit. At this moment, no celebration and festivities can be thought of without it. Photographers are hired for covering the functions of weddings, graduation days, birthdays, and other celebrations. Photographers more often than not are making more than ever. If you are still confused about pursuing the photography as your profession then you are strongly advised to make an attempt at least. It is for sure that you will fall in love with this new profession plus you will want to quit it never.

What Does the Photographer Make?
Most of the times, a photographer is paid a specific rate for each photo they take. However, there are photographers who are paid the hourly salary or rate. Salaries of photographers greatly vary on account of several factors such as talent and experience. Since many photographers only pursue photography as a side-business, they usually do not make money as much as permanent photographers make. More often than not, inexperienced and amateur photographers make lesser money than that of full-time, professional photographers. Professional photographers should expect the comfortable wage as an earning.

This business like all others has its downsides as well. One is that your friends and relatives might not take your photography as a serious business and may exploit it by acquiring your services free of charge. You have to be cautious in the very beginning and tell them frankly that they are supposed to encourage and support you in establishing your career and not to abuse it.

If you are in no mood to carry out photography as your full-time career, then you may adopt it as a spare-time profession. Not only it will add to your earning but you will also enjoy and learn from it. In addition to that, you will keep pace with the modern, fast moving world; which is much important. So, adjust your sails to display your art and talent in the form of pictures while making money from it.

Handy Tips for Street Photography

Handy Tips for Street Photography

Street photography is the kind of photography that does not demand any extraordinary and outstanding photography skills. You only get to go in the streets with your simple equipment and start taking pictures. In addition, you do not have to make special arrangements while doing street photography. Neither, you necessarily have to take permission of your subject. You only have to show simplicity and rawness of street life through your lens. For this, your subject and environment do not need to be modified. Rather, you will candidly take the shots. Street photography is one kind of natural photography in which the photographer through his/her lens, make the display of rough and natural happenings in the streets. This kind of photography should be carried out in a way in which it looks so natural and usual. We have come up with some handy tips for you, which will surely help you in the street photography.

Choose the Right Lens
Many people carry telephoto lens while doing street photography. It is likely to provide more damage than good. No one likes to see a frightening person who stands in streets focusing a giant lens on total strangers. It is advised to use a lens with wide-angle for carrying out street photography or you can employ the landscape lens for this purpose as well. Also, the compact camera can be used in the streets on account of its ease of carrying and handling as it is lightweight, discreet, and small.

Use Different Perspectives and Angles
We are used to seeing the objects at the level of our eyes. Likewise, we are accustomed to seeing objects at our eyesight level behind the lens. We should not restrict our shots to certain limitations. Rather, we have to employ distinct perspectives and angles, for instance, photos can be taken from the knee or ground levels according to the varying situations. Changing perspective is likely to take your photography to a whole new level. You can take some of your best shots simply by altering your angles a little.

Take your Lens Everywhere
Street photography is like an art, which gets improved by practicing more and more. You should always have your camera in access as your subject can be gone forever if you have missed the opportunity to capture it right on time. You have to be prepared always for capturing any interesting event, moment, or subject. Remember, the picture is as fine as the photographer. Hence, you have to become observant, keen, unbiased, and open while doing street photography.

Do Not Consider the Picture Quality Everything
Some people think of photography as having a DSLR, variety of lenses, tripod stand, and other types of equipment. But in actual, photography is much simpler than that. You can take photos with any cameras such as with your smartphone’s one. Do not limit your creativity and talent to the pieces of equipment. You only need a camera for executing amazing photography. You need to remember that the photos you capture are as good as you are, not as good as the equipment you are employing. It does not mean that expensive cameras and equipment are useless. However, they cannot help you if you have no idea for capturing any worthy shots.

Basic Techniques for Trick Photography

Basic Techniques for Trick Photography

Photography is indisputably a marvel in itself. Like the painters, the photographers do the magic of depicting their talent through an art. The difference between both of them is that the painters spark their canvass with their art while photographers do the same on the camera film. Both have the potential to express the emotions and feelings. Photography is the thing of the hour. It takes on modern developments and advancements with each passing day. There are also a number of useful tricks which can be employed to make the most out of your talent and to take your skills to the whole new level. We have come up with some basic techniques and guidelines for carrying out trick photography.

Use the Lamp in Place of Tripod
If you are about to capture the group photo and lacking the tripod and also want to be in the picture then use the lamp shade holder for the purpose of placing your camera on it to take the group shot.  To your surprise, the size of the thread of the lampshade’s bolt is exactly similar to the thread of the filter used on the tripods. Hence, your camera body will be attached to it very easily. Just go in front of the being captured group and pose for the picture.

Detach Your Lens for Macro Photography
This is probably the best of tricks you are ever going to hear about. If you are lacking the macro lens and you desperately want to carry out macro photography then simply detach your lens from the camera body and place it in a between your camera and object. You will wonder how this trick is going to work in showing the small sized things the bigger ones. While using this trick, you have to keep four essential things in mind:

(1) You are only capable of taking the picture in the manual mode since you have taken your lens off.

(2) The excellent focal length is around 50mm; hence, either the kit lens having 18-55mm focal length or prime lens having 50mm focal length will do perfectly.

(3) Evidently, you have lost auto-focus as the lens is detached from your camera. Focus can be attained by moving further away or closer to your object simply.

(4) The camera is unable to open or close the aperture; hence, it can only be done by using your hands.

Make Bokeh from the Paper
Everybody falls in love with the alluring bokeh in the backdrop of the photographs. There is one simplest way to modify the light shape bursting in the bokeh. Cut a black piece of paper having the magnitude of the front element of your lens. After that, employ a sharp razor blade or kitchen knife to cut out the shape in the center of the paper. Your shape must be a little larger than that of the thumbnail. Remember, you are only likely to see this trick work while shooting with the large aperture, hence, the 50mm having f/1.8 can be a great choice.


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