By nature landscape photography, it refers to actually set out to the natural environment and photograph it. Everybody falls for the alluring nature landscape photo. This includes capturing the gush of winds moving the crops in the field, the symmetrical arrangement of vegetation, the attention-grabbing sunset view, the moving herd of horses and sheep, the tiny dewdrops, and so on. If you are one camera lover and do photography more often than not then you must have already taken many nature landscape shots. If you are a beginner in this photography arena then you are indisputably going to fall for this photography genre. Many people regard themselves as not being capable of taking nature landscape shots to some fine extent as they think that it requires education plus high-tech pieces of equipment. For photography in general, and for nature landscape photography in particular; all you have to offer is your dedication, time, any equipment (from simple mobile phone’s camera to complex DSLR), and some tricks, tips, and rules to be kept in mind.

Rule 1
We are mostly accustomed to taking shots while placing our subject right in the center of the picture frame. It is discouraged while one is doing nature landscape photography. One should capture the subject from different angles plus perspectives and avoid placing the subject in the middle of the photograph. In addition, always employ the natural backdrop and surroundings as to complement your subject.

Rule 2
There is a rule known as the “Rule-of-Third”. This rule refers to the division of your LCD screen in three equal lengths and widths and placing your subject in accordance with these lines. In nature landscape photography, the sky, most preferably, is placed in one or two-third of the photo; while rest space is covered with ground.

Rule 3
One should employ distinct angles plus perspectives while doing nature landscape photography. We humans are mostly used to seeing the objects at the levels of our eyes. Same we do while taking photos. We keep the lens on the level of our eyes and take photos. This way is recommended when you are taking the portfolios and not the nature landscape photos. For landscape photography, you should employ different perspectives. You can lie on the ground or your knee depending on the demand of shot. Such distinct angles are definite in taking your landscape photography to the new alluring level.

Rule 4
One has to take as many photos as one can. They have to make use of distinct angles and perspectives. They have to frequently replace their subject. They should try both the modes, the auto as well as the manual. They need to capture shots employing different effects. In photography, quantity is more important than that of quality. Photography is more of an art. Every art is learned and then practiced. However, with photography, one can learn and practice it simultaneously. One does not have to read the pile of photography books before starting the practice. Rather, one can initiate taking photographs as soon as they get the camera in their hands.