The camera lens is for sure serves as the eye in the world of photography. Lens is actually the viewer from which a camera sees a shot one wants to take. One of the essential elements to take the good photographs is the lens. If you are buying some new camera, always investigate the quality and type of the lens. You are not likely to take fine photographs despite having the sufficient megapixels and superior sensor if your lens is of substandard and inferior quality.

The lens is made up of plastic, glass, or an amalgam of both. One wants to have a lens made up of glass usually since it provides better clarity than the plastic lens. In fact, the lens is mostly regarded as a “glass” simply. The digital SLR cameras offer you the benefit of changing the lens and of using distinct lenses for distinct occasions. Sometimes, the SLR cameras are available as only the body without a lens. Sometimes, it comes as the kit having single or more lenses in order to make you get started. One can buy additional lenses according to the need arises. Most of the times, the lenses of SLR equipment are more expensive than the body itself. On the other hand, if handled and managed properly, the age of lenses is more than that of the camera itself. Hence, photographers are likely to consider the purchasing of new lenses as one kind of investment. Before purchasing the SLR camera, always choose the most reliable and steadfast company from where you are going to buy your equipment. As most camera bodies can fit the lenses of their respective companies only. For instance, if you are buying SLR from ABC Company and later you want to purchase a good lens from the company XYZ, then it might be impossible. One of the major differences includes the lens mount. Lens mount is the connection point between the camera and the lens. Each manufacturer makes its own kind of mount. In a few cases, camera lenses have to make coordination with the magnitude of a sensor. So the full-frame camera is likely to employ different lenses than that of the four-thirds equipment. The lenses are specifically created for the digital cameras. The lenses produced for 35mm cameras will mount on the digital camera’s body. Nevertheless, in most of the cases, the lens of 35mm is a little bigger plus it allows the superfluous light into the equipment and causes an unwanted halo effect. Since most sensors of SLR are smaller than that of 35mm setup, there is generally the cropping of the photo whilst compared to the photos from the camera film. Such problems become so troublesome that one wants to buy lenses, which were specifically created for the digital camera. Types of lenses include normal telephoto, zoom, prime, wide-angle, landscape, and so on. One should purchase specific lens on account of their requirement of photography. If you are going to carry out natural landscape photography then it is advised to purchase the wide-angle or landscape lens for making the most out of your photography skills.